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Featured News

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July 19, 2023

Manuscript of our microfluidic technology provisionally accepted

July 19, 2023

EyesoBio wins $5000 at the Velocity 5K Pitch Finals

July 7, 2023

EyesoBio enters final rounds of Velocity 5K Pitch

Upcoming and Current News

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Publication: inexpensive method for fabricating microfluidic devices

EyesoBio's first publication related to our fabrication method of creating inexpensive, and high quality microfluidic devices using commercial 3D printing methods.

Provisionally accepted.


EyesoBio among top 4 companies to win the Velocity 5K pitch award

EyesoBio is a biotechnology company which uses innovative devices for eye product testing. Velocity at University of Waterloo recognizes and supports EyesoBio's mission to transform eye vision research and eye product and therapeutic testing.


Awarded Velocity Up Start Funding to launch EyesoBio

Velocity Up Start program provides $15 000 to support EyesoBio's venture to help accelerate eye product and drug testing, transforming eye care. Click & learn more about Up Start

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