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Our Mission:

Developing Better Assays For Ocular Therapeutic Discovery And Delivery.

Seeing the future in eye research. Innovation in vision.

We are streamlining the R&D pipeline for testing eye therapies to find new products for treatment of various ocular diseases.

Our Focus:

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EyesoBio provides advanced in vitro testing platforms crucial for data generation in early stages of product development

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We focus on the discovery of novel therapeutic treatments for ocular-related diseases such as dry eye disease

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We work towards a solution with you to ensure our assays assess the safety and efficacy of your treatments

Our Platform:

EyesoBio uses proprietary cells-on-a-chip eye model that model the eye environmental conditions, including tear flow and the liquid-air-interface found on the human corneal surface. Our devices are designed examine the effects of therapeutics, formulations, and even eluted drugs from biomaterials on human ocular cells using time-lapse imaging. We combine this with computational imaging analyses, so that we deliver customized assay results for our partners, while visually seeing what happens to ocular cells in real time. Seeing is believing.

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Our Models:

Dry Eye Disease: Hyperosmotic Stress

Dry eye disease (DED) is a multifactorial disease that includes higher salt concentrations on the surface of the eye that may result in inflammation and discomfort. We can simply model this in our system by treatment of ocular cells with hyperosmotic stress.

Dry Eye Disease: Desiccation Stress

Reduced tear film production leads to DED. Our system can generate custom and defined times of desiccation and recovery, to model the lack of fluid on the ocular surface in dry eye patients.

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